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What's compression ball valve working pricinple?

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Compression ball valve is a kind of mini ball valve with two compression ports. 


The compression ball valve is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and many other industries.


1. The valve is used for opening or cutting off the flow.

2. The ball valve could not control different rate of flow. If the system needs to realize flow adjustment, it must be completed in series with the adjustment             valve

3. The working pressure of the two-way ball valve can reach 20.6MPa

4. When using oxygen as the medium, degreasing treatment is required

compression ball valve mini

Operation principle and structure description:


1.The ball valve inner surface is flat and smooth, which is convenient for pipeline sweeping and cleaning, and can transport media such as slurry and solid             particles.

2.Using PTFE (Teflon) as the seal, it has good lubricity and elasticity, small friction with the sphere, and long service life.

3. The opening and closing is convenient and fast.

4. The ball valve has small fluid resistance. When the ball is full core, and they are in a straight line. The medium flows through the ball valve, which is                     equivalent to flowing through a straight-through pipe.  So that the ball valve has the least fluid resistance.

5.The ball valve could open and close the devices which is used to control different mediums under different pressures, temperatures. The ball is pressed             against the valve seat at the outlet end by the pressure of the medium. And then the pressure and the communication diameter is limited. It adopts 90°             transmission, so that it is convenient and fast for operation. And it can be opened and closed quickly.

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