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What's threaded connection?

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What's threaded connection?


Threaded connection can be used in almost all fields. And of course, we also use this kind of connection in food, beverage, beer, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, to connect valves and pipes, pipes and pipes or other fittings together. And as for threaded connection, it's necessary for one fitting has a male thread, another has female thread

triclover npt female thread 22mpMale BSP to Tri Clamp Adapter

Just like a bottle and its cap. If the bottle mouth or the cap is not threaded or has the same thread, they can not be connected. 

FMALE & MALE crossbutt female adapter

The threaded connection has a simple structure, but it's firm and tight. What's more, we can assemble or disassemble threaded connection convieniently. Although, threaded connection is so convenient, we never use threaded connection in our closed loop extractors, except mini ball valves, pressure gauge, and other changeable accessories.

Why we don't use the threaded connection in closed loop extractors? 

diamond miner closed loop extractor

First, as per closed loop extractors, users have to assemble and disassemble it frequently. As a result, its easier for  the thread to be worn out. 

Second, the thread is easily to be worn out,  while we can only replace the whole part instead of just replace the thread. Our products are all clamped connections. If the clamp is something wrong, we can replace the clamp only. In contrast, the cost of replace the thread connection is higher.

Third, we have to make male and female on the connect parts of a closed loop extractor, so that the material that used in a closed loop extractor maybe more than clamped closed loop extractor. As a result, the cost maybe higher.


BSP and NPT are two main kinds of thread standard we are using. BSP is British Standard Pipe, and NPT is National Standard Pipe(American). Both of them are used in connection. While in NPT, the peaks and valleys of the threads are flat. In BSP, they are rounded. Then, the NPT angle of the thread is 60° and the BSP angle is 55°.

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