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How to choose Gaskets? (one)

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Spiral Wound Gaskets 

Spiral wound gaskets belong to semi-metallic gaskets. Those gaskets combine the good properties of metals, such as heat resistance, resilience and strength with the softness of non-metallic materials together, thus their sealing ability is excellent. Additionally, owing to the metals strip holding the filler, they are equipped with excellent mechanical resistance, resilience and recovery. It is widely used in various industries, such as engineering, pharmaceutical and brewing to name just a few. The benefits of using spiral wound gaskets are below: 


· One of the outstanding functions of it is that it will prevent leakage in different areas. The reason is the outer layer has multiple wraps of metal and the inner is filled with spiral creates. Spiral wound gaskets are regarded as the ideal material for making stainless steel tank.

· Since their stable chemical properties, the majority of corrosive materials, such as strong acid, can be sealed by spiral wound gaskets. 


· Spiral wound gaskets could withstand high vacuum gauge pressure conditions, with 14.7MPa among gas solvent and 30MPa in liquid. Various strong materials are used in those gaskets, including outer rings, metal strips and inner rings.


· The ability of heat resistance is another outstanding performance, they could withstand exposure to the temperature ranging from -190 to 600 degrees (maximum temperature 1000 degrees in an anaerobic environment). This is the reason why it can apply to the heat exchanger.


· From an economic perspective, the spiral wound gasket is a good choice. Because of excellent reliability and strength, they could prevent gear failure. 

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Ring Joint Gasket 

Ring joint gaskets are metallic sealing which is applied in high pressure (up to 20000psi) and high-temperature environments. They have two types of cross-section, octagonal and oval accordance. They are very popular among the oil and gas industry, power plant technology and so on. 


In order to produce a good seal performance between mating flanges, RTJ flange is connected with ring joint gaskets. The material of flanges is required to be harder than the material of the ring joint gaskets in case the flanges are destroyed. 


R octagonal gasket is one of the basic types of ring joint gaskets. As its name, the shape of the cross-section is octagonal. The diameter of this type is a little bit larger than the diameter of the gasket groove. After the first tightness of the R octagonal gasket, it is not easy to leakage. The disadvantage of it is the high-tension bolting during the use is needed. The flange grade is larger than PG 25Kg when the temperature is high while the pressure is low. Compared to other gaskets, the cost is relatively high and it could not be reused. The skilled labourers are needed for proper installation. 


Corrugated Metal Gaskets 

Corrugated metal gaskets (CMG) are mainly applied for low to medium pressure applications. These gaskets could be shaped in different types without limitation. They are widely used in sealing industrial containers

such as elbow fitting, condensate tank, distillation column and so on.

It also has outstanding mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. They are able to withstand high temperatures. If factories have limited budgets, then those gaskets are a good choice because the cost is low. Trouble-free handling and installation are guaranteed due to stable solid construction.  

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