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SS304 Pigtail Sampling Coil Proofing Coil for Sample Valve

Pigtail sampling coil is applied to the pressure vessel.Attach the pigtail to the sample valve to your tank.you will get a perfect beer sample without excessive foaming
  • SS304

Popular pig tail with hoop up to sample valve to prevent foaming of carbonated products. It brings customers the products of defoaming when sampling. It is a set of special defoaming equipment for beer industry.

Sanitary aseptic sampling valves are used in cold wort, fermentation broth, yeast puree, deoxygenated water, sake (where the basic principle and structure of the continuous sampler used after membrane filtration in pure raw production are the same and others), aseptic Water etc. From the above-mentioned principle of use, it should be said that under normal use and maintenance, the large number of specialized aseptic sampling valves used in the production site is undoubtedly one of the effective means to improve the level of microbial management and control.

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