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The Most Complete Extraction Equipment(1)

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Extraction, also known as solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction, also known as extraction, is a unit operation that uses the different solubility of the components in the system to separate the mixture. The extraction equipment produced by our company mainly includes closed loop extractors, closed column extractors, BHO closed loop extractor parts and so on.


closed column extractors

1. Centrifugal Extractor


The centrifuge dedicated for extraction can use centrifugal force to accelerate the sedimentation and stratification of the droplets, so it is allowed to intensify the stirring to make the droplets break up finely, thereby enhancing the extraction operation. There are two types of centrifugal extractors: graded contact and differential contact. The former is equipped with a stirring device in the centrifugal separator to form a single-stage or multi-stage centrifugal extractor. There are Luvesta and cylindrical centrifugal extraction machines. The latter's drum is equipped with multiple layers of concentric cylinders, with openings in the cylinder wall, so that the liquid can be dispersed in both films and drop shapes, such as a Podbilnek centrifugal extractor. The centrifugal extractor is especially suitable for the two-phase density difference or the emulsifiable system. Because the residence time of the material in the machine is very short, it is also suitable for the extraction of substances with unstable chemical and physical properties.


Performance Characteristics: 

1. The separation effect of two-phase materials under the action of centrifugal force is obvious, and the processing capacity is large.  

2. The contact time of the two-phase material is short, saving the input cost of the extractant.  

3. High mass transfer efficiency, high-grade efficiency, easy to open and stop, without breaking the balance after parking.  

4. The equipment covers a small area and the comprehensive investment cost is low.


 reducer filter plate

2. The Mixing And Clarifying Tank

The extraction tank (also known as the mixing and clarifying tank) is a step-by-step contact extractor that realizes the separation of two phases by gravity. As far as the flow direction of the water phase and the organic phase is concerned, it can be divided into countercurrent and parallel flow types; As far as the energy input method is concerned, it can be divided into air pulsating stirring, mechanical stirring and ultrasonic stirring; as far as the box lifting structure is concerned, in addition to the simple box mixer, there are various other mixing methods such as multi-compartment and combined type devices.


Performance Characteristics:

1, Simple and flexible operation, simple equipment manufacturing;

2, Equipment enlargement is easy and reliable;

3, Strong adaptability, suitable for large flow ratio changes;

4, High efficiency and large operation flexibility.  

5. The investment and operating costs are relatively large.  

6. Widely used in pharmaceutical, biological engineering, fine chemical, hydrometallurgy, pesticide, environmental protection, food, nuclear industry and other fields.


3. Packing Extraction Tower


The light phase is introduced from the bottom of the tower, and the heavy phase is added from the top of the tower. The two phases contact and transfer mass on the surface of the packing.


Performance Characteristics:

There are many types of extractors, and the packing extraction tower is one of the most widely used extraction equipment. It not only has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing and installation, but also due to the development of new scraping packing, the processing capacity of the packing extraction tower has been greatly improved, and the mass transfer efficiency has been improved; therefore, the research and application of the packing extraction tower have been obtained rapid development.


To Sum Up

Our company's product range is complete, including dewaxing closed loop extractors, BHO active close loop extractors, jacketed dewaxing columns, passive closed loop reclamation extraction kits, BHO extractor kits, distillation columns, herb extractor machines, etc. We promise that our products are of excellent quality and you will be satisfied with them.

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