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The Most Complete Extraction Equipment(2)

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Compared with other methods of separating solution components, extraction has the advantages of normal temperature operation, energy saving, no solids or gases involved, and easy operation. The extraction equipment produced by our company mainly includes dewaxing closed loop extractors, BHO active close loop extractors, jacketed dewaxing columns, herb extractor machines and so on, which are all of good quality.


1, Sieve Plate Extraction Tower


Introduce the light phase (dispersed phase) at the bottom of the tower and disperse it through the mesh, then rise in the heavy phase (continuous phase), and gather a light liquid at the lower part of the upper sieve plate, then disperse and re-aggregate. The process of dispersion is the process of extraction and mass transfer. The extraction phase and raffinate phase are obtained at the top and bottom of the tower, respectively.


Performance Characteristics:


Sieve plate extraction tower is widely used in the chemical production process due to its large processing capacity, simple structure and low cost. The liquid-liquid two-phase flow structure in the tower has an important influence on the mass transfer efficiency. At the same time, the continuous phase flow structure is closely related to the structure of the tower internals.


2, Reciprocating Sieve Plate Extraction Tower


Using the crankshaft, the sieve plate on the central axis is reciprocated up and down, which promotes the dispersion and mixing of the liquid sprayed on the sieve hole, and carries out contact mass transfer.


Performance Characteristics:


With ephedrine aqueous solution as the dispersed phase and toluene as the extractant, a reciprocating sieve plate extraction tower was used as the extraction equipment to carry out the extraction test research and industrial application research of the ephedrine aqueous solution. The reciprocating sieve plate extraction tower has a short extraction cycle, less solvent usage, and larger processing capacity, and the extraction efficiency and extraction quality are higher.

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3, Rotating Sieve Plate Extraction Tower


The turntable extraction tower belongs to mechanical stirring tower extraction equipment. During work, the heavy phase (aqueous phase) and light phase (organic phase) enter from the top and bottom of the tower respectively, and come into countercurrent contact in the tower. Under the stirring of the fixed rotating disk, the dispersed phase forms small droplets, which increases the mass transfer area. After the extraction process is completed, the light phase and the heavy phase flow out from the outlets at the top and bottom of the tower, respectively.


Performance Characteristics:


Small footprint and low maintenance cost. Large processing capacity, suitable for continuous production. High efficiency and low solvent retention.


4, Pulse Tower

Install a group of sieve plates (without overflow pipe) or packing in the working section. The pulsating liquid flow generated by the pulsating device is introduced into the bottom of the tower through the pipeline, so that the liquid in the whole tower reciprocates.


Performance Characteristics:


Pulsating liquid flow makes a high-speed relative motion between the sieve plate or the packing to generate vortex, which promotes the fine crushing and uniform distribution of the droplets. The pulsating tower can achieve higher separation efficiency, but the processing capacity is small, and it is often used in nuclear fuel and rare element factories.


To Sum Up

The application of extraction is still under development. The vast majority of elements in the periodic table of elements can be extracted and separated by extraction. The development of extraction is inseparable from high-quality extractors. Nowadays, passive closed loop reclamation extraction kits, BHO extractor kits, distillation columns, closed loop extractors, closed column extractors, BHO closed loop extractor parts are popular in the industry. Our company's products are of high quality and low price, with a complete range. You are welcome to buy them. 

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