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What's sampling valve?

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What's sampling valve?


In beverage, dairy, drink, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, we have to take samples from the tanks or pipes to test the liquid. To make sure we can easily take the representative portion of a liquid from the tank, vessel, or pipelines, we need sampling valves. Generally, we install it at the bottom of the tank or pipelines so as to discharge remains. While, why not use ball valves to take samples? Because after we take the sample through a ball valve, there will be remains in the ball core. If we take samples a few minutes later, the liquid in the ball core will come out first. 

Three kinds of sampling valve.

66SS316 sampling_valves.level gauge 3

1. Sampling valve. We can rotary the wheel to open or close the valve.

2. Yogurt sampling valve. Yogurt has a higher viscosity than beverages. Its valve seat is opened to the inside of the tank or other equipment, thereby avoiding accidental opening or leakage of the valve due to pipeline overpressure. Because of the spring, this valve is in the closed position. When we press the handle, the valve opens. And if we released the handle, the valve closed. Besides, the yogurt sampling valve has a completely drained (liquid) design, to avoid material remains in the valve.

3. Level gauge with sampling function. Usually, one upper-level gauge, one bottom level gauge, and a visible glass tube combine a set. We can use it to observe the liquid in the tank. What's more, the bottom level gauge can also be used to take samples.

How to choose a sampling valve?

1.The material, pressure and temperature, gaskets, size.

2.Change the position of the valve, according to the pipe specification of the plant.

3.Choose the handle and the actuator according to the material and the position of the valve.

4.The type of container you used to store the sample.

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