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Stainless Steel Clamped Pneumatic Single Divert Seat Valve

Pneumatic stop reversing valve is change the energy which creative by compressed air to be the mechanical energy,the mechanical energy can drive the valve rod axial moving,thus move the different situation of seal elements,which can control the switch for inlet of pipeline,finally realise the purpose of medium reversing or stop.
  • SS304/SS316L

Stainless Steel Clamped Pneumatic Single Divert Seat Valve

Flow diversion valve body &plug are made from precision casting
Stainless steel parts: AISI304/SS316L
FDA approved gaskets in silicone, EPDM, viton, PTFE
End ports: butt welded,Tri clamped,threaded
Inner surface finish is Ra≤0.6μm to meet the requirement of food industries
Max. Pressure:8bar
Switches position sensors are optional
C top control unit is also optional
Standard series:24V/DC,110-220V/AC
Actuator span life:more than 500 thousands times
Seal span life:more than 100 thousands times
Normally closed valve is the default version.Normally closed and normally open are interchangeable by rotating the pneumatic cylinder 180°.

single seat valve body configuration

single seat valve body configuration

Simple to change the structure and low maintenance cost
Cost-efficient leakage protection
Flexible valve body combinations
Ultimate in easy cleaning, low maintenance design
Low spare part cost
The valve is compact, durable and easy to operate

Stainless Steel Clamped Pneumatic Single Divert Seat Valve is widely used for food, beverage, water, dairy, pharmacy, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, etc
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