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The Pros And Cons Of Valve Installment (1)

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Stainless Steel Valves are main components fluid equipments and play an important role in food processing production and brewery,water treatment,dairy,pharmaceutics industries.Sunthai produces various of sanitary valves. such as sanitary ball valves, sanitary diaphragm valves, sanitary butterfly valves, sanitary safety valves, etc.


Stainless Steel Valves

Valve Selection And Setting Location


1. The valves used in the water supply pipeline are generally selected according to the following principles:


When the pipe diameter is smaller than 50mm, a shut-off valve should be used. When the pipe diameter is bigger than 50mm, a gate valve and a hygienic butterfly valve should be used.


Adjusting valves and shut-off valves should be used when flow and water pressure need to be adjusted.


A gate valve should be used for the part that requires small flow resistance (such as on the suction pipe of the pump).


2. The following parts on the water supply pipeline should be equipped with valves:


The water supply pipeline of the residential area is from the introduction pipe section of the municipal water supply pipeline.


The nodes of the outdoor ring pipe network of the residential area should be set according to the separation requirements. When the ring-shaped pipe section is too long, a segmented valve should be installed.


The beginning of the branch pipe or the household pipe connected from the main water supply pipe in the residential area.


Inlet pipe, water meter and branch risers (bottom of riser, upper and lower ends of vertical loop pipe network riser).


The branch pipe of the ring-shaped pipe network and the connecting pipe through the branch pipe network.


Outlet pipe of water pump, suction pump of self-priming water pump.


3. The check valve should generally be selected according to its installation location, water pressure in front of the valve, sealing performance requirements after closing, and the size of the water hammer caused during closing:


When the water pressure before the valve is small, swing check, hygienic ball valves and sanitary check valves should be used.


When the sealing performance after closing is strict, it is better to choose a spring check valve with a closing spring.


When it is required to weaken and close the water hammer, the quick-closing muffler sanitary non return valve or the slow-closing check valve with damping device should be used.


4. Check valves should be installed on the following sections of the water supply pipeline:


•On the introduction pipe; on the inlet pipe of the closed water heater or water equipment; on the outlet pipe of the water pump; on the outlet pipe section of the water tank, water tower, and highland pool where the inlet and outlet pipes are combined with one pipeline.


Note: There is no need to install a flow check valve for the pipe section equipped with a pipeline backflow preventer.


To Sum Up

In this article, I mainly introduce the specific applications of several valves. Although the valves are small, they play a vital role in production. Our company produce many kinds of sanitary valves, such as sanitary pneumatic ball valves, clamp butterfly valves, vertical check valves, etc.

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