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What is valve?

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What is valve?

Do you know the valve? Valves are widely used in various industries, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cosmetic, personal care,fire protection, machinery, coal, food and beverage,wine,dairy industries. The valve is a very high-use accessory. Do you know how to classify the valve in so many industries?

Introduction to the valve

A valve is a device used in a fluid system to control the direction, pressure, and flow of a fluid. It is a device that allows a pipe or a medium (liquid, gas, powder) to flow or stop and control its flow. The valve is a control component in the pipeline fluid delivery system, which is used to change the passage section and the flow direction of the medium, and has the functions of diversion, cutoff, throttling, check, split or overflow relief. 

The valve can be controlled by various transmission methods, such as manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, turbo, electromagnetic, electromagnetic hydraulic, bevel gear drive, etc. It can be easily turned on or off according to the predetermined requirements under the action of pressure, temperature or other forms of sensing signals.

The classification of valve

Valves are used in a wide variety of applications. The most commonly used valve classification methods are as follows:

By structural characteristics

1. Truncated: The closure moves along the center of the seat.

2. Gate shape: The closure moves along the center of the vertical seat.

3. Plug and Sphere: The closure is a plunger or ball that rotates around its centerline.

4. Swing shape: The closing member rotates around the axis outside the valve seat.

5. Disc shape: The disc of the closing piece rotates around the axis inside the valve seat.

6. Spool shape: The closure slides in a direction perpendicular to the channel.

sanitary valves

By drive mode

1. Electric: Driven by motor or other electrical device.

2. Hydraulic: driven by water and oil.

3. Pneumatic: Drives the valve to open and close with compressed air.

4. Manual: With the hand wheel, handle, lever or sprocket, etc., it is powered by human power. When the drive is driven with a large torque, it is equipped with a reduction gear such as a worm gear .

By application

1. Flow control: This type of valve is used to switch on or off the pipeline medium, such as shut-off valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, etc.

2. Non-return: This is used to prevent backflow of media, such as check valves.

3. Adjustment: It is used to regulate the pressure and flow of the medium, such as regulating valves and pressure reducing valves.

4. Distribution: It is used to change the flow direction of the medium, such as three-way valve, diverter valve, mix proof valve, etc.

5. Safety valve: This is used to discharge excess medium when the medium pressure exceeds the specified value, to ensure the safety of the piping system and equipment, such as safety valves and exhaust valves,rebreather.

6. Other special uses: such as traps, vent valves, drain valves, etc.

Now we have a simple understanding of the classification of the valve. In the following article, we continue to bring the knowledge of the valve connection, maintenance and other knowledge. Follow us for the latest news.


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