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What's Sanitary Divert Seat Valve

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What's Sanitary Divert Seat Valve?


Divert seat valve is the valve that can help with mixing, cutting off, and changing the flow direction of the liquid. This valve mainly has a valve body, sealing part, cam, valve stem, handle and valve cover, and other parts. The valve controls the flow through the relative movement of the valve core and the valve body. The valve is driven by a handle, which can drive the valve stem and the cam to rotate. The cam has the function of positioning, driving, and controlling the sealing part to open or shut off the valve. The handle rotates, the sealing parts move to open or shut off the valve. 


There are many kinds of sanitary divert seat valves. Generally, the divert seat valve has more than two flow directions and more than two ports. According to the connection, there are weld, clamp, and thread types. Besides, according to the way of operating the valve core, there are manual, electric, and other types. While we mainly supply manual and pneumatic actuated sanitary divert seat valves. 


Sanitary Manual Divert Seat Valve


The sanitary manual sanitary divert seat valve is a sanitary single-seated pneumatically operated valve. It plays an important role in the food processing industry, beverage production, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, etc. 

Pneumatic Divert Seat Valve


Pneumatic divert seat valve is a hygienic single seat.The single or double-acting pneumatic actuators with compressed air push the shaft to open or close the valve . Besides, the actuator rotates 180 degrees to achieve the normally open and normally close for the valve.

Pneumatic Divert Seat Valve with Intelligent Control Head

Pneumatic divert Valve

This valve with intelligent control head which has the same working principle as the pnuematic divert seat valve, and is widely used in various sanitation industries. . It has a high performance in the preventage of the leakage and it's convenient for us to clean. 


Firstly, the design is compact and robust. Secondly, the standard valve design made a flexible and diverse connection. Then the bracket separates the actuator and valve body. This design can prevent heat transfer from the body to the actuator. And it's easy for us to assemble, disassemble and maintaince the valve. Besides, it has a accurate action, high degree of automation, stable and reliable work. What's more, according to the user, the control system can be fully automatic that can improve work efficiency.

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