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What's sanitary constant pressure valve?

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What's sanitary constant pressure valve?


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People mainly use Sanitary Constant Pressure Valve in the food processing, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. It can control the pressure of the compressed air to hold the constant. There are four main parts in a sanitary constant pressure valve, which are cover, valve body, diaphragm, and core. And according to the application, there are outlet and inlet two kinds of sanitary constant pressure valves.

Outlet pressure constant:

When the pressure of the air under the diaphragm increases, the diaphragm raises toward the cover. Then the core will also go up so that the valve can be closed. When the pressure decreases, the diaphragm returns and the valve core goes down to open the valve.


This type of valve is particularly installed at the front of the filling machine, bottling machine, and etc.

Inlet pressure constant:

Its working principle is similar to the outlet pressure constant valve. While when the pressure raising, the core goes up and the valve opens. And the core goes down to close the valve when the pressure is reducing.


We can use this kind of valve in these situations:

Install it at the outlet of the pump, help to keep the pressure.

Install it at the back of the separator and heat exchanger, work as a safety valve.

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