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How many do you know about arm racking valve?

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How many do you know about arm racking valve?


It's necessary for us to take samples or products from tanks or vessels in food processing, beer& beverage, chemical industries, and etc. Because, we have to test the product to make sure it is qualified. And we also have to storage or remove the product from a tank to another tank. While we are transforming the liquid, there can be sediment in the liquid. Especially in a fermenter which is used to produce beer. So I would like to introduce a new kind of sanitary stainless steel valve which is specially designed for preventing the fine sediment from flowing outside to you. It's arm racking valve. We ususlly use this valve in beer, wine, and dairy industries.


arm racking valve

The racking arm valve are located the near the bottom of  conical fermenters or brite tanks. We rotate the arm slowly to let the clear liquid flows until the fine sediment flows through. To prevent the fine sediment from flowing through, we can install a sight glass on it. Whether we are looking for the clearest of beer or just trying to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer, a racking arm or dip tube will protect our final product from “floaties.”

Features & Advantages

arm racking valve

We can connect the racking arm with butterfly valve, flange and other kits. It always works with normal temperature and normal pressure. Besides, there is only one flow direction in this valve. It is long lasting and no leakage. Besides, it's convenient and easy for installation and usement. Because of the design, it has no dead leg and is easy for cleaning. 

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