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How to Maintain Your Valve?

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How to Maintain Your Valve?

We remind our customers that they must maintain the valves on a daily basis. Knowing the cause of the valve failure, it can increase the service life of the valve to a certain extent, so that the valve can be applied for a longer period of time. The correct valve maintenance method can not only prolong the service life of the valve, but also reduce the maintenance cost. We are not just producing and selling valves, we will do our utmost to tell each customer how to better use valves and maintain valves. So how do you maintain the valve?

The maintenance of valves

Inspection request

1. The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage must be blocked.

2. valves stored for a long time should be inspected regularly to remove dirt and apply anti-rust oil on the processing surface.

3. After installation, it should be inspected regularly to check the wear of the sealing surface, valve stem and stem nut. After the ladder valve is overhauled and assembled, the sealing performance test shall be carried out.

4. valves in operation, all valve parts should be complete and intact. The bolts on the flange and the bracket are indispensable, the thread should be intact and no looseness is allowed.

5. If the hand wheel is lost, it is not allowed to replace it with a wrench. The packing gland is not allowed to be skewed or has no pre-tightening clearance.

6. For valves in an environment that is susceptible to contamination by rain, snow, dust, sand, etc., the valve stem should be fitted with a protective cover.

7. The scale on the valve should be complete, accurate and clear. The seals, caps and pneumatic accessories of the valve should be completed.

8. The insulation jacket should be free from dents and cracks. It is not allowed to hit, stand or support heavy objects on a running valve; especially non-metallic valves and cast iron valves are prohibited. 

Sanitary Welded 3-Way Diaphragm Valve

Grease injection maintenance

1. When the valve is greased, we often ignore the problem of grease injection. After the grease gun is refueled, the operator selects the valve and the grease injection method to perform the grease filling operation. Calculate the sealing capacity according to the valve size and type, and then inject a proper amount of grease.

2. When filling the valve, pay attention to the problem that the valve is in the switch position. The ball valve is normally in the open position during maintenance. The gate valve must be closed during maintenance to ensure that the grease fills the sealing groove along the sealing ring to avoid waste.

3. When filling the valve, pay attention to the effect of grease injection. The pressure, grease injection amount and switch position are normal during the grease filling operation. However, in order to ensure the grease filling effect of the valve, it is sometimes necessary to open or close the valve to check the lubrication effect and confirm that the valve ball or the surface of the valve is evenly lubricated.

4. After filling the grease, the grease injection port must be sealed. Avoid the entry of impurities, or the oxidation of grease at the grease injection port. Apply anti-rust grease to the cover to avoid rust. So that it will be applied the next time.

If you have any problems with valve maintenance, please consult our valve experts in time, we are happy to help you. 


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