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Sanitary Tank Rotary CIP Welded Clean Ball Nozzle

Sanitary Spray Balls are typically used in small and medium size tank cleaning or barrels, tanks, reaction kettle, equipment chamfer of tank container in pharmaceutical, food and beverage and chemical industries.These cleaning spray balls are self-cleaning and self-lubrication designed, used to clean rotating nozzle itself and lubricate bearing while working, ensuring longer service life and fully meet the requirements sanitation.
Surface treatment:
Connection Type:
  • Sunthai
  • SS304/SS316L

Sanitary Tank Rotary CIP Welded Clean Ball Nozzle


Material: Stainless Steel 304 or 316L
Ball Shape: Eliptical or spherical
Size: 1"- 2 1/2" 
Surface treatment: Mirror polish, satin polish
Connections: Clamped, threaded, weld, Clip bolted
Application: Food-processing, beverage, beer, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

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rotary spray ball welded datasheet


  • Connections: Welded, bolted with pin, clamped, threaded(NPT,BSP)

  • SS grade:SS304, SS316L

  • Mirror Polished: inside and Satin finished outside to meet food requirements

  • Standard: DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO

  • Working pressure: 1-3Bar

  • Max.working temperature:95℃

  • Max.ambient temperature:140℃

We have three series of Sanitary Stainless Steel Cleaning Balls:

  • Static tank CIP cleaning ball: 360 degree spray completely, 180 degree,90 Deg upside or downside,the head can be round or flat

  • Rotary Spray head:the ball head shape can be sphere and elliptical.

  • Rotary cleaner: multi-position spray type. When working, it’s rotating jet spray.

Working method of the spray balls:
◎The liquid applied to the upper part of the tank is running down the tank walls like a falling film.
◎The dirt particles dissolved by the detergent are rinsed off by the falling film.
◎Cleaning pre-pressure is between 1,0 – 1,5 bar at the spray ball for tanks without internal installations.
◎Cleaning pre-pressure is between 1,8 – 2,5 bar at the spray ball for tanks with internal installations.


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